AI for online reviews: we bring your online reputation to the next level

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Not just ratings: we give you the definitive vision on what your customers say

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Manent AI

Our Mission

Our Mission at Manent.AI is to provide companies with actionable knowledge about what customers are saying in online reviews.
We collect reliable, comprehensive and accurate data, and we apply advanced Artificial Intellingence and Simulation Models to deliver you the reasons behind your customers’ behaviors. All in a simple to use dashboard.

Our Solution

With our simple dashboard, you can monitor all the basic stats plus basic and advanced sentiment analysis (including analysis of aspects similarity of products). On top of that, you will have access to the analysis of the reasons (pros or cons buying) embedded in reviews, as well as a comparison with what customers are saying about your competitors. With a continuous flow of data and daily refreshed stats, you will be always aware of the buzz around you.


We are a strong team, made of well educated scientists (we both have a PhD in our field), with 10 years experience in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Agent-Based Modeling and Social Networks. We got fascinated by how arguments spread on social media – and we spent years modeling and simulating this phenomenon. We worked very hard and did extensive original research on the topic, and now we want to bring what we learned to the business.