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Software developmentWe have years of experience in building software for institutional clients and Public Administration.

Our JS applications are state of the art when it comes to usability, speed and security.
Big Data Insights (API Service)You can find on AWS Marketplace our new API to retrieve powerful insights on Medicare data (more relevant to our US clients).

The project is 100% hosted on AWS infrastructures.
WHAT-IF business scenarios (SaaS)We are proudly powering the Giano.Rocks project.

Giano is a software service that allows entrepreneurs to test their business strategies in simulated markets.

Meet the Team

We have a unique team, a perfect mixture of seasoned professionals, both on the technical and the business sides, and young but excellent talents from all over the world.
SimoneCofounder & CEO
FrancescoCofounder & CTO
AntonioCofounder & Mentor
RaduSoftware Developer
ShyaamData Scientist

Some of our ideas

In this section you can explore some of the ideas we have been working on and also currently work on! If you want to see more, please check out and subscribe to our blog on Medium
Why we need simulations in the business worldI have been involved in a dialogue with ChatGPT on matters that are really close to my interests and that resonate deeply with what I believe could help humanity to take better, more informed decisions. This is an attempt to share with you some of the insights that I derived from the discussion.
My first question was very short and simple: what is the secret of success for a company?
I got the answer I was expecting: There is no single secret of success for a company, as the factors that contribute to a company's success can vary greatly depending on the industry, market, and business model.Read more
10 Jan 2023
Why Do Startups Fail? The Surprising Impact of Prescriptive AnalyticsRead more
8 Apr 2023
Simulating Success: How Computer Simulations Can Improve...Read more
30 Jan 2023
How to tell if your startup is going to fail… before it happens!Read more
23 Aug 2021
Three reasons you need Agent-Based Modelling for...Read more
17 Feb 2022

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